AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - According to, December is the most popular month to get engaged. Following the holidays, if you have a wedding dress to find Lace & Veil Bridal Boutique  may be a good place to start. 

Jennifer Grubbs, one of the co-owners of the boutique, says, “Lace & Veil Bridal Boutique is a luxury dress gown shopping experience. We sell bridal gowns and we also sell accessories, veils, bridesmaids robes." She continues, "We carry all size gowns for all fits, all flares and we cater to every single bride, curvy, medium size...every bride should feel comfortable when they come in.”

Lace & Veil co-owners Jessica Baskette and Jennifer Grubbs opened their shop last year. With years of experience in the wedding industry, the pair says they bring a different level of understanding to their brides. 

Grubbs says, “It’s about speaking the language of brides because this is a once in a lifetime experience for most girls in most women and it’s very important to be mindful of that.”

Baskette says,“[We] Work with brides and help them work through the anxieties of dress shopping because sometimes it can be a little overwhelming and we really want them to be able to come in here relax and enjoy the experience without being stressed or anxious.”

But we can’t forget about the grooms…Keith Jones, Made to Measure is located inside of the boutique. He says weddings are all about the bride and he wants to show some love to the grooms. Jones says, “We try to provide the same experience for grooms that they provide for brides it doesn’t matter the height or weight shape or size because it’s custom it’s made to your measurements.”

They hope to put smiles on the faces of tons of couples getting married! Baskette says, “we really want to celebrate with the brides, because it’s one of the most fun and exciting times of their life.”

Lace & Veil Bridal Boutique is located at 500 Fury's Ferry Road in Augusta.

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