AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - New year, new devices. But, do you know what to do with your old ones? Some people try to throw them away or sell them. However, a local company says there might just be a better way to do it.

When you think of recycling, you might just think of cans or paper, but what about electronics?

“E-waste has actually become one of the fastest growing waste streams globally right now.” said Richard Greene, Tech4Success CEO. 

In 2021, Tech4Success received 150,000 pounds of used electronics. This year, they anticipate upwards of 500,000 pounds.

“Recycling is becoming a big deal. So, we’re starting to see an increase in laws that are making people recycle electronics.” said Green.

Green tells FOX54 recycling is also about protecting data.

“So, your data is basically everywhere, you know, so making sure your devices actually get erased and your information is secure is something people don’t really know how to do.”

That’s where companies like Tech4Success come in. However, Green says, many devices don’t make it this far.

“I’ve spoken to numerous people and they tell me they have a pile of computers or hard drives just sitting in their closet or garage because they are just afraid of you know, giving it to anybody because they don’t know how someone could get their information off of it.”

One way to eliminate that fear is taking your devices to a trusted company. Green recommends looking for a electronics recycling business with cyber insurance.

“Part of that insurance basically says we are required to destroy that information because if it gets out, we have to pay a large fine.”

If you don’t want to recycle, Green encourages reuse.

"Devices that may be old to you may be new to somebody else, we try our best to try to refurbish it and give it one more life cycle before we recycle it into raw material for new computers.”

Green says items will soon be accepted at their warehouse on Nixon Road in March. Tech4Success also does pickups for large amounts of electronics. Certificates of erasure or destruction can be made available upon request.

Acceptable items for drop-off are listed below. Click here to learn more about Tech4Success.

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