AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - One local doughnut business is proving there are no limits to what they can do. Haute Doughnuts pops up at various locations across the CSRA to sell their doughnuts. Jeremy Miller, the co-owner lists out the , “apple fritter, blueberry cake-style and all of our ingredients are fresh. We use fresh blueberries we have a pumpkin cinnamon roll that we make with real pumpkin.”

Husband-wife team, Jeremy and Cara Miller opened Haute Doughnuts a year and a half ago.

Miller says, “we try to think of exciting new ways to explore eating a doughnut. I gotta give a lot of credit to my wife, she’s really creative with her idea and I kind of just make it.”

But what makes them different? It’s 100 percent vegan. Miller says, “for me meeting that chef that was vegan kind of opened my eyes and I thought this guy has been cooking for a long time. Let me explore it.”

Now, Haute Doughnuts pops up at various locations across the CSRA, “we love to partner with people who serve coffee…so you think coffee and doughnuts…it’s a great pair. To our surprise we learned that a lot of people have allergies, milk allergies, egg allergies and our doughnuts don’t have that stuff so some people who have never had a doughnut before can try our doughnuts so it’s pretty cool,” says Miller. 

Of course FOX 54's Danielle Ledbetter had to try some. Ledbetter says, “you guys can tell I’m excited I love sweets. That is so good oh my goodness. That is so good. Vegan where? Vegan who?”

Miller loves support he's received from his community, “it’s really shown me that the city and the town that I’m from is so supportive and so willing to help me and grow my business.”

Haute Doughnuts has pop ups at Rooted Coffeehouse in Evans every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, Ubora Coffee Roasters every Sunday and Bee’s Knees the first Wednesday of the month.

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