AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - A recent cyber survey indicates most businesses are more at risk for cyber threats than those outside of the United States. Most surveyed say report at least one cyber event in the past year.

Deloitte just unveiled stats from its 2021 Future of Cyber Survey. The numbers speak for themselves. Despite 98% of US executives saying they experienced threats in 2021, 14% don’t have a cyber security plan at all.


IntelliSystems CEO Kevin Wade says that’s not a good thing.

“It tells me there’s still a large number of company business owners that are not taking cyber security serious or they don’t exactly know what to do.” said Wade.

Wade says this happens on smaller scales too, even locally.

“Based on what we’ve seen, that even less are prepared and even less have a plan. But still, some of those same fears are out there.”

Many times, Wade says the threat can come in attachments that an employee clicks on.

“There’s many document formats where you can infect macros to do automated tasks in those different types of products.”   

However, execs in the Deloitte survey say it’s not threats like phishing that concern them most. Rather, execs surveyed claim their biggest worry is the person clicking the mouse. That’s why Wade feels continuous employee training is crucial.

“We've got a saying that you can’t learn to ride a bike at a seminar. You can’t just do one training and say okay everybody is ready to go. It really needs to be something that's ongoing and regular. It should even cover new and breaking methods that cyber threats are happening.”

Plus, these days, it’s not just about losing money anymore. Without protections in place, you could lose intellectual property.

“There's the double-pronged attack of ransomware now where not only do ransomware organizations want to withhold or ransom your information, but they are also willing to disclose it to the public if you don’t pay their ransom.”

While you can recover data in some cases, Wade says what you may not be able to get back is trust.

“Customers wouldn’t like it if you lost their information. But, at some point, if you had a breach and it became known publicly, they’re less likely to want to do business with you.”

Wade says the ultimate bottom line for your company or organization is being ready before threats come.

“Have a plan. How are we going to deal with cyber security threats? And, if we are in fact hit, how are we going to deal with remediation?”

Wade recommends layers of cyber security, even if your company is small. He says firewalls and antivirus programs are not enough to keep you covered. If you don’t have a cyber security expert in house, he urges you to outsource.

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