AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Sisters Danielle Harmadi and Brianne Martin own Freshwater Design Co. and it all started in their living room.

Harmadi says, “In five years, it has grown from this little thing in our living room creating wood burned wall art to an entire online retail, new in-store retail and a pretty big wholesale business.”

Now, they have their storefront in downtown Augusta.

Martin says, “Our biggest sellers are these vintage style hotel keychains that we burn one side is leather that we burn the design on and the backside is velvet. Our bracelets beaded  and leather bracelets are a huge, huge seller and we make everything by hand. We also do leather wrapped tumblers pet tags wine tags ornaments.”

The sisters share what has made their store so successful. Harmadi says, “I don’t think I could actually do this with anyone else because the thought I’m already having she’s finishing in her brain usually.”

Martin says, “We tell each other like how it is and how we feel and I feel that really helps us because then we both get what we want in a way of working together.”

“I just love what we all brought together and what it came out as all of the fun colorful just great gifts,” says Harmadi.

The Freshwater Design Co. is located at 1022 Broad St.

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