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Cyber News Now: Savannah River National Laboratory opens new lab at Georgia Cyber Center

October 2nd, 4:01 PM EDT

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Savannah River National Laboratory has opened a lab at the Georgia Cyber Center. It’s the first physical presence for SRNL in Georgia.

With energy, we know that staying connected is important. However, nowadays, protecting that connection may mean amplifying your cyber security methods and partnerships.

Savannah River National Laboratory has taken a big step across state lines to maximize its cyber security collaboration ecosystem.

“The whole premise behind the collaboration is no one has the market cornered in cyber security, or any of the sciences or engineering,” said Jon Dollan, SRNL Cyber Strategy Director.

Dollan says the Georgia Cyber Center is a perfect fit to advance these efforts. 

"We have a number of both government and industry partners, along with our academic folks, that are really bringing and driving a lot of innovative research, and that’s one of the key aspects of why we’re there.” said Dollan.

Now more than ever, experts know it's time to ramp up cyber security in this field.

"We have a lot of legacy systems in the United States as it pertains to energy, and we’ve had modernization overlaid on top of that…and there’s disconnects.” said Dollan.

SRNL senior engineer Klaehn Burkes tells FOX54 that’s exactly how this new lab can come in.

"We have a VPN tunnel that allows us to put these physical computers in a remote location in our network, and basically they can do research and collaborate with us on or off site," said Burkes. 

Burkes also says you may not even realize what all goes into protecting our power.

"Everybody expects when they flick the light switch on, that the light turns on, and that isn’t always necessarily the case. If we were to have a cyber attack on our power grid, that could be very damaging to everything!” said Burkes.

That means, it’s not only a big move for SRNL and the Georgia Cyber Center, but also for all of us.

“It’s an important part of national security, it’s an important part of everybody’s daily life to have reliable power. So, our ability to be able to look at that and assess and hopefully be able to come up with some very innovative solutions to ensure the resiliency and security of the electric grid is paramount.” said Dollan.

SRNL now occupies space on the fifth floor of the Hull McKnight Building at the Georgia Cyber Center. To learn more about SRNL, follow this link.

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