AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - George Hall of Martinez passed away Sunday morning after a drowning incident during the Augusta Ironman.

FOX54 spoke with David Hudson, a colleague of Hall's who says he was an honest, A+ man.

“If you had to pick a friend, he would be at the top of the list. To lose him so suddenly was a terrible impact on us all," says Hudson, Partner in the Hull Barrett Law Firm.

Hall leaves behind his wife, 2 sons and his new granddaughter, and today would have been his birthday. “These were to be happy times. Now, they are times of immense sadness," says Hudson.

In his law practice, he served as President of the firm and at the Augusta Bar Association, along with many other accomplishments. Hudson says he was at the prime of his life.

“A legacy here at the firm. We have a lot of young lawyers that he helped train and helped them learn the importance of being honest with the court, honest with the clients, working hard and doing it the right way.”

Not only was Georgia an important part of the law firm, he was also a member of the Augusta Rotary Club, and has been for the past 30 years. President of The Rotary Club, Shanda Vaughn, says they're shaken from this loss.

"It’s still hard to believe. George wasn’t just a member, he was a friend and a colleague to many of our members. He’s one of those that you knew, if you needed something; our committee needed something, our club needed something, if a friend needed something, he was there.”

Hudson says he was an important person in the community and people will take inspiration from the kind of life he lived.

“Well we all know the need to have good people in our community and hopefully there will be many more in the days to come, but there’s one less now because George is gone," he says.

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