AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Marketron is recovering from a cyber attack that recently impacted all 6,000 of its customers. Some of those customers are radio stations in the CSRA. A local cyber expert says the attack throws up a red flag.

Many radio stations got a surprise recently, but not a good one. A company some use, known as Marketron, went virtually offline after a cyber attack. According to InsideRadio, it was caused by Russian criminal organization BlackMatter. IntelliSystems CEO Kevin Wade says this may not be a familiar name to you. However, he says it comes from something many of us have heard of before.

"It’s actually sort of the descendent of what was Darkside, which is the ransomware service outfit that was responsible for the Colonial Pipeline attack," said Wade.

Marketron manages $5B in annual U.S. advertising revenue. Although the company’s RadioTraffic and RepPak services were not impacted, Wade says the breach is concerning.

"Even in a smaller market, it’s a big deal because, you know, customers often times want, especially larger customers of radio stations, they want proof of ad delivery, that their ad was delivered."

FOX54 sat down with Wade to talk more about what you need to know about protecting your business, even if you aren’t in the broadcast industry. He says the immediate takeaway is that this can happen to any business.

"It should be noted that any company, really, is a target and any company that has money."

He says you’ll also want to make sure you have backup, real-time traffic monitoring and threat monitoring systems.

Marketron CEO Jim Howard says the company has made investments to protect information. However, Wade says, an attack can still happen even with some protections in place. Wade suggests one final stop to cover your business.

"If you’ve done everything right, the last leg is cyber insurance."

Wade says after a cyber attack like this, the issue then becomes an investigation. As for Marketron, the company says it's working to find the root cause and assessing its security measures.

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