GROVETOWN, Ga. (WFXG) - If you’re that person always looking for healthier options, then this spot is just for you. Matthew Edmonds owns The Healthy Hub and he describes the entire experience, “you are at The Healthy Hub and what we specialize in is full meal replacement shakes as well as your healthy energy drinks.

Located in Grovetown, Edmonds says he's bringing something new," I saw that there wasn’t anything that really, really catered to the people that were looking for more of a really healthy option so that’s why I decided to come out here and bring that for people to be happier and healthier.”

They have guilt-free ways to jump start your health goals.

"Our shakes are a full meal replacement that tastes like dessert in a cup so flavors like banana nut bread, strawberry cheesecake we also do what we call our healthy tea bombs these kinds of taste like fruit juice but it’s herbal tea based but it gives you your natural energy.

Edmonds says his favorite thing on the menu is the tea bombs and can't start his day without one. As the owner, his favorite thing overall is the customers. He says, “the ability to see people come in and put that smile on their face when they get their healthy energy or maybe they’ve lost a few pounds over the weeks and that’s what really just gets me excited and that’s why I love doing what I do.”

The Healthy Hub is located at 719 Gateway Center Blvd. They also have another location in Thomson under a different name. That one is called Honeybee Nutrition.

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