AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - After pandemic struggles, an old restaurant returns. Eric Kenlaw, owner of The Bee’s Knees and The Hive says don’t call it a comeback but call it a re-imagining. Kenlaw says, “after the pandemic I realized I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing and I wanted to make it more manageable, more future proof and just taking it in a different direction.”

The Bee’s knees stood in downtown Augusta for years as a restaurant but Kenlaw says it was time for a change. He says, the new space is, “similar but different, The Bee’s Knees is (now) a coffee shop bakery and soon to be curio store.”

Now, they have different types of coffee, pastries and more, “all sorts of food we have salads to pastries to biscuit sandwiches.”

And just around the corner from The Bee’s Knees you’ll find The Hive. “The Hive is a bodega which is a market and it’s also a tavern. So it’s a hybrid tavern and market, ”says Kenlaw.

He adds, “[At The Hive] we have produce. We have local made goods from sauces to things we’re making in house too.”

Throughout both businesses you’ll see a strong theme of supporting local, “it’s just that we’re local, we’re not a corporate entity and Augustans need to support their local economy.”

The Bee’s Knees is located at 211 Tenth street in downtown Augusta and The Hive is located at 215 Tenth street.

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