FORT GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) - We are home to the Army Cyber Command Headquarters. However, Fort Gordon is not the same installation we’ve seen in years past. Upgrades are happening right now to not only meet infrastructure needs, but to also aid cyber security missions.

It’s no secret that Fort Gordon is growing. Multiple projects are going on right now with an overall cost of about $1.6 billion.

The Commanding General of the Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon knows it’s important work.

“It’s exciting it’s forward progress, right?” said Brigadier General Paul T. Stanton.

Most of the funds are going to the Modernized Cyber Center of Excellence campus, just behind the standing signal tower.

“We’re creating state-of-the-art facilities that have virtualized infrastructure that allow our students to train on the latest techniques, tactics, and procedures and the latest equipment,” said BG. Stanton.

He feels the growth on the installation reflects the growth in the cyber defense mission.

“So, that’s one very overt and clear sign we’re moving in the right direction.”

However, he says, cyber threats are growing too.

“The adversary is continuously attacking our US assets, the Department of Defense, and so we have a responsibility to defend against them.”

Although construction is underway, the work here to defend doesn’t stop.

“The servicemembers are working 24/7, 365 days a year and that’s not necessarily something that’s well understood if you drive Gordon Highway and pass by the gate.”

While the growth is centered around the new school, BG. Stanton says expect some other upgrades too.

"It’s barracks renovation, it’s creating new dining facilities, it’s creating new childhood development centers, it’s breaking ground on new homes, it’s opening up new traffic gates so we ease the traffic problems, so there’s a lot of things that we’re working on in addition to the school to build quality of life to make Fort Gordon the installation of choice.”

BG. Stanton also believes the new school will positively influence recruitment and retention. The estimated completion date is 2029.

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