AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Cyber Security and business run in a similar circle. No matter the size of your company, protecting your data could mean protecting your bottom line. But, do you know where to start?

Kevin Wade, founder and CEO of IntelliSystems says there's a simple way to think of what can be a complex topic.

“Cyber security in our opinion...It’s kind of like an onion!” said Wade. 

Got your attention yet? The idea is the more protection you have, the better off your business will likely be.

“If you can create these multiple layers, it makes it very difficult to again attack your information.”

You may not feel like you have much to lose. However, a bad actor can hold your data for ransom. As far as protection goes, firewalls and antivirus systems alone just don’t cut it anymore. So, what else can you do? Wade suggests starting with your products and operating systems. 

“Things like that all have patches, and if they’re all up to date, it minimizes the chances that someone can get in based on a known vulnerability.”

He also recommends having active threat hunting in place. Without it, he says problems can happen in places you may not expect. 

“I know of situations where like a malware can be loaded on a copier. You can clean your whole network off because you were infected, but then the copier-based product, this malware, loads itself back on your network.”

Don't forget your parachute: a disaster recovery solution. That's something experts can pull from if all else fails. 

“We can at that point, at least, restore everything back working, and really it’s like nothing ever happened.” said Wade. 

Remember, cyber attacks can happen to anybody. That means, Wade says, everybody needs to have these layers of protection. 

“Whether it’s a five person company, a 50 person doctor practice or a 2,000 person manufacturing plant - these are all things that should be done.”

Wade also says businesses should keep cyber security insurance in mind. If you don't have protections like these already in place before a breach happens, he says you likely won't collect a premium. For that reason, Wade recommends thinking of the insurance as a last stop in the process. First, have your protection methods in place and experts to call on ahead of time. 

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