AUGUSTA (WFXG) -  There is a saying that goes “we are better together,” and the same could be said for cyber security education. With Augusta University and Augusta Technical College creating a new pathway, that means more opportunities for talent to enter our workforce.

Two schools and multiple opportunities are all under one roof at the Georgia Cyber Center. It’s all thanks to a new Cybersecurity to Information Technology Pathway Program by Augusta University and Augusta Technical College.

Tammy O’Brien is the dean of Augusta Tech’s School of Cyber and Design Media. She says there is a lot to look forward to in this program.

“We don’t teach a position, we teach a career. So, expanding their opportunities, expanding their education is very, very important. The farther they go, the better type of opportunity they will have,” said O'Brien.

The pathway begins with Augusta Tech by earning an Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity.

“We teach very hands on intensive courses and the students can learn a variety of different job skills that would allow them to go directly into field. We have multiple Cisco courses, we teach computer forensics, we teach ethical hacking and we teach networking.”

Students can then take what they learned and build on it with Augusta University by completing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. O’Brien says if you’re interested, one of the best ways to figure out what you would like to learn is simply by getting started.

“There’s such a variety of job for students and most of them don’t know what they want actually until they get into the colleges.  Then they decide what their talents are at that point.”

To apply, Augusta Tech. students must complete a transient application. That’s followed by some challenge exams to earn credit. Now, taking that next step to continue your education may just mean walking a little further down a hallway at the Georgia Cyber Center.

Cyber students from both institutions will take classes at the Georgia Cyber Center. As a part of the collaboration effort, an onsite internship coordinator will also work with students to help them secure internship opportunities with industry partners.

Augusta Technical College also just started some new things this fall like a Cloud Computing and Solutions degree. You can learn more about the pathway program here.

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