AUGUSTA (WFXG) - When was the last time you talked to your kids about cyber security? Do you know what you can do to help protect them online? It may be time to get a refresher.

Take it from the experts at the Georgia Cyber Center.

“When we are dealing with our kids, every case is potentially devastating,” said Michael Nowatkowski, Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences.

Whether your child is going back to school in person or online, Nowatkowski says now is a good time to revisit online safety.

“There are people in society that would want to take advantage of children,” said Nowatkowski.

He says some of the first places to keep extra eyes on are online games and gaming sites.

“Part of the way that a bad actor may try to interact with children is through the chat function in many of the games. So, another reasonable item to try to get kids to be safe is not to disclose any of their personal information.”

How do we know a site is safe to begin with? Nowatkowski says stick to what you know, and if you’re not sure, look closely at the link.

“You can always look for the HTTPS in the address bar if you’re looking for secure websites.”

Plus, he also recommends some preventative methods.

“There’s different filters that you can put into the web browsers to hopefully try and protect our kids and make sure they aren’t getting into some of those areas that parents wouldn’t want them to. Something else to consider, maybe set up timers.”

You’ll also want to think about other devices, like tablets and phones. Before your child downloads an app, Nowatkowski says check the access.

“If you’re downloading a Tic-Tac-Toe game, and it wants access to all your contacts, location, and access to your microphone, you may want to look for a different app.”

While safety techniques are always important for our children, Nowatkowski says we should still encourage our children’s interest in the cyber world.

“We want the kids to explore and to learn and to find things that are interesting to them, but again, we want to make sure they are safe.”

Nowatkowski says you can also check browser history anytime to see what sites are being visited. He also tells FOX54 setting up different accounts may also help keep your child in more secure cyber areas.

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