The Georgia Cyber Center now has more experts to take on cyber security. It’s a mission the SealingTech CEO says is critical.

"I’m a firm believer that one of the biggest threats to the United States right now is coming in cyber space,” said Ed Sealing.

As technology only advances with time and threats follow suit, that’s where SealingTech hopes to come in,

“Our job as a company is really to help enable by bringing some of the most advanced technology that we can build and to help equip, train and assess the forces to make them better,” said Sealing.

Cyber defense teams will use new SealingTech product technology like the SN7000. It’s a compact hyperconverged 2U Edge Computing server that provides Data Center performance in a TSA-compliant carry-on form factor. It's designed with those cyber defense teams in mind.

“We’ve developed these products specifically for them for ease of travel. This way, they can maintain positive security with their equipment as they’re traveling to and from locations because they don’t just protect threats that you know are a part of this area, they also defend from threats across the globe," said Scott Hamilton, SealingTech Principal Solutions Architect.

Plus, the company is also looking forward to adding more local talent to their team,

“Originally, we were looking to try to recruit some of those people up to Maryland, but we found that almost everybody we talked to said no we want to stay down in Georgia. So, instead of bringing them up us, we’re coming down to them,” said Sealing.

SealingTech hopes to bring in 15 to 20 more people over the next few years, but Sealing says that number could change.

“The market is very positive down here, so I see nothing but a lot of growth.”

The company also welcomes interns. To learn more about SealingTech, follow this link.

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