Sen. Ossoff expresses concerns about military housing at Fort Gordon

July 16th, 6:47 PM EDT

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff visited Fort Gordon Friday afternoon and met with leadership, servicemembers and their families about the ongoing concerns about military housing on the installation.

He says he's concerned about the quality, health and safety of that housing and says it's time for it to be brought up to standard. “These are soldiers who risk their lives and commit their careers to our national defense and their spouses and children," Sen. Ossoff says. "They deserve much better than asbestos, lead pipes and shoddy responses to requests for maintenance. They deserve much, much better.”

Sen. Ossoff secured a commitment from the White House Budget Director to dedicate federal resources to improve housing after his first visit to Fort Gordon in February. He says the responsibility doesn't rest with the Command at Fort Gordon, but with the private contractor that builds and maintains the homes. “It is absolutely time to have a meeting with the private contractor and to express to the private contractor – as I will – that they are not meeting the expectations that I have, that the Army has, and, indeed, what I believe are their obligations to provide personnel here with the very best quality of housing," he says. 

FOX54 reached out to the contractor, Balfour Beatty Communities, for a response. In a statement, they said in part: "There already is considerable accountability, and we continue to work closely with base command and the Military Housing Office to ensure standards are met and maintained. We are currently working with the Army on plans to bring additional investment that will help fund the renovation or replacement of the aging housing inventory at Fort Gordon. We would be happy to meet with Senator Ossoff to hear his views about improvements.”

This is a developing story. FOX54 will bring you more details as we get them.

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