AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta Canal makes learning about the history of the city and the canal fun and interactive. During the summer months, you can stop by Tuesday through Saturday and take a boat tour on the Augusta Canal.

Julianna Shurtleff, the development and outreach manager at the Augusta Canal says, “It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the history of Augusta, you get on a boat you get to ride up and down on the canal, you get a background on the city of Augusta, the canal. and you get to see all sorts of fun wild life while you’re out there.”

But before you get on the boat, there's a whole interactive museum where you can learn all about what you're about to see on the tour. Shurtleff says, “It’s tells the story of the Augusta Canal which is an 1845 industrial canal that was dug for hydro-power to power factories, drinking water and boat transportation and it’s still used for those three things today.”

According to Shurtleff, about seventy percent of Richmond County's drinking water comes from the canal.

She adds the tours draw a lot of tourists but they want locals to enjoy it too, “Folks come down and say we didn’t even know this was here and then they start bringing all their friends and family that come visit so that’s great.”

After you've spent some time in the museum, it's time to hit the water. During the tour, cruising down the canal, you learn all about the canal and what life used to be like in Augusta.

The month of July, teachers ride the boat tours for free.

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