It’s game day at SRP Park! It's the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

Grab a friend and head on over to North Augusta. FOX54's Danielle Ledbetter grabbed FOX54 meteorologist Jane Minar for a night of baseball and they may have had a little bit too much fun.

Firsts things first, when they got to the park they stopped by the shop to pick up some Greenjackets gear.

Greenjackets General manager, Brandon Greene says a lot fans don’t know when they come out to the park they’re not confined to one space, “it’s kind of cool that you can walk around the whole ball park and just kind of see what’s going on. There’s so much to do."

It’s a family affair, you can bring the kids and head over to the kid zone. Before the actual game starts, make sure you get something to eat. The park offers traditional baseball game food like hot dogs, popcorn and beer but they have other things too. Greene says,“we rotate some featured items as well just besides the traditional fare we have.”

After all the playing and eating, Greene says,  “sit back, grab your favorite food or beverage and enjoy the baseball game.”

And of course, cheer on the Greenjackets. Here's a link to their game schedule.

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