GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - The app TikTok has become quite popular since the pandemic started keeping everyone at home. A mother and daughter in Grovetown have gained millions of views in just a matter of months off the success of a single video. 

This local mother-daughter duo has been dancing for more than a decade but after being stuck inside during the COVID-19 quarantine, they started looking for something to do to pass the time. Now they are a TikTok sensation.

The owner of Time to Dance Studio, Marie Moring, is now known on social media as the dancing grandma. She told FOX 54 she had no idea her videos would get so much attention. “You know, I was in the house going crazy. I’m a dancer, I love to dance and I just decided, let me get on TikTok. Everybody else was doing it so why not I just jumped on TikTok.”

When she did, millions quickly jumped on board to cheer the family on.“It’s just amazing the impact you have that you don’t even realize just by doing something that you love and something simple so what you have can definitely inspire millions,” Moring said.

The videos caught the attention of people across the world, and perhaps the most rewarding fan to have, Chubb Rock. The artist behind ‘Treat em’ Right’ – the song Moring made chorography to.

“He said listen, you guys should get out there. I love what you guys are doing with my music, inspire the world!” Moring said the artist invited her family to hold a dance-off in Las Vegas on Labor Day weekend.

“People always DM me asking hey how can I learn this dance? Can I go learn this dance?” her daughter Patience Jackson said.

The answer is, yes. And if you and your group learn this dance and do it well, you’ll get a chance to compete in the dance-off to win $10,000. “It’s a fire, you know and we’re just out here trying to get it,” Moring said.

Learn the dance and submit it July 1-15. Click here to enter the contest. Follow Marie Moring on Instagram @marie_bustinmoves.

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