AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - In this week’s edition of Cyber News Now, we visit a local school that received a $92,000 grant from the NSA and the National Science Foundation to host one of over a hundred cyber camps around the country.

These camps are designed for middle school teachers to learn how to incorporate cyber security into their lesson plans.

Ian Chambers teaches 7th and 8th grade Spanish and digital citizenship at Episcopal Day School in Augusta. This week along with 29 other middle school teachers from around the state, he's attending the GenCyber Teacher Camp at Westminster Schools of Augusta.

"Just the fact that I get to learn more about coding, cyber security and all things digital is something that's a huge passion of mine," said Chambers.

The idea of the camp funded by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation is to see teachers pass on their passion for cyber security and computer programming to their students, with the goal of seeing students help fill the workforce needs in cyber security.

"We don't have enough students who are moving into cyber security careers," said Kendra Sue Finch, the lead instructor of the GenCyber Camp. "So whether they teach English or social studies or math or science or computer science, they can actually be part of the solution to that problem by designing lessons within their class that will expose their students to cyber security principals."

Part of the beauty of the camp is the teachers aren't accepted strictly on what they know about the cyber world. Their ability as teachers and their ability to share their experiences at the camp with their students plays a big role in being selected to participate in the camp. In fact, Olivia Vasquez who teaches 6th grade social studies at Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, can't wait to tell her students about what she's learning at camp.

"We used robots this morning and they run on markers programming, and so you use colored markers to make the robot run and that was the first time I had coded anything by myself, so that was really cool and I was really excited about what that would be like to show students that experience." said Vasquez.

And when it comes to sharing cyber insight with students; Ian Chambers wants his students to know all the upsides of the cyber world we're living in. "What I am looking forward most to at the end of the week would be confidence so that I can truly bring my students knowledge, experience and some sort of value system so that they know that this new world that we're living in is completely connected to our use of the internet and various programs that guide us in ways and assist us hopefully in helpful ways versus damaging ways."

Westminster Schools of Augusta is apparently doing something right when it comes to its cyber curriculum. It also received a grant from the NSA and National Science Foundation to host a GenCyber Camp in 2019.

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