AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - The craft beer craze is still going strong across the country – one local spot is preserving the culture, offering beer lovers unique flavors in small batches.

You may like beer and even if you don’t, you may just find something you like here, “We try to have something for everybody,” taproom manager Jim Christian said.  “Beer for everyone and everyone for beer so we really do try to do something for everybody.”

Savannah River Brewing Company aims to honor that age-old connection between people and drinks by providing these fine beers in a unique yet relaxed kind of place. “So beer is a very approachable beverage. For a lot of us, it’s the first alcoholic that we ever had. For a lot of us, our first experience with beer is something really terrible, whatever is cheapest, probably old and warm and skunky and gross,” Christian said.

Instead, this beer is a work of art - so you can wash down those first beer memories with some local craft. “We seek to elevate it here. We seek to educate customers. We brew really beautiful beer.”

And if the beer isn’t enough to talk about, they do the brewing in-house, right in front of you. “Our brewers Ann and Adam do an amazing job,” Christian said.

This taproom brews a vast variety of beers from your basic Belgian to a floral sour that tastes almost like a sour patch kid. “All kinds of different styles of beer. We do year-round releases, we do seasonal releases we do small-batch brewery only experimental batches. We try to brew a lot of beer that’s going to approach a lot of different people that a lot of different people are going to find palatable,” Christian said.

With a 21,000-square-foot brewery, taproom, and beer garden, this spot is a centerpiece for socializing downtown. “We have cornhole leagues, we have disk golf putting leagues, we have fitness classes on Wednesday back in the brewhouse.” And with the capacity to hold 13,000 gallons of beer, patrons of the brewery won't be going thirsty anytime soon.

Savannah River Brewing Company is located on 5th Street in downtown Augusta. They have lots of fun events throughout each week. Check out their calendar here.

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