THOMSON, GA (WFXG) - If you're craving southern food classics, you should check out Pigg-ah-boos in Thomson filled with delicious southern cooking, barbeque, and even seafood.

"We do everything from smoked ribs, we got to real pretty good smoked ribs, the pulled pork is pretty good. I have heard people say that this is the best pulled pork they've ever had," says Andre Ferbee. 

And not just the pulled pork, people in the community also love their signature Miami heat wings. "I have to come here every week. I don't miss a week not coming to get my wings. That’s the only thing I order is the Miami heat wings," says one community member. 

Owner, Andre Ferbee says he stumbled on the building years ago and didn’t waste any time coming up with special menu items. "I like to be the best at what I do when I try so, I like to cook everything."

But, an interesting fun fact is that Ferbee's ultimate dream was to go to the NBA. "I ended up having back surgery, foot surgery, shoulder surgery, knee surgery, so with all these surgeries, I knew that that was out the window, but I was kind of lost a little bit."

But he kept pushing, and that’s how he turned to cooking. He runs Pigg-ah-boos with his family, and wouldn’t have it any other way. "My son is seven years old, he cleans tables, he greets people, you know he sweeps the floors. My daughter and my wife, they run the front they know it hands down, my daughter is the one that gets in the kitchen a little bit more, the other guys I have is my nephews."

A family restaurant that strives to continue to serve the community of Thomson, the CSRA, and someday even more. 

Pigg-ah-boo's is located on Main Street in Thomson. For more information, click here

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