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EAT.PLAY.GO to Two Moms Kitchen

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG)- Do you want to give your mom a break this Mother’s Day? This bakery is bringing cookies, cakes, and breaks to your table all year round.

“I was a nurse for twenty years in the hospitals and then I just wanted to do something different and cookies are just hopefully, you know, make people happy,” said Maggie Douglas, the owner of Two Moms Kitchen in Augusta.

For the last eleven years, Douglas has been putting her medical skills to new use. She’s bringing her precision right into the kitchen. Her famous pound cake, she says, started it all. “Pound cake is the one thing I could do in my sleep, so I like that.”

That and her enormous family encouraged her along the way. “My brother-in-law told me, you need to start selling those and I thought, well, maybe.”

Now she’s been doing exactly that. While the treats might not be Pinterest perfect, the flavor that tips the scale in her favor. “They taste good that’s the best part,” said Douglas. “They may not look like perfection like in a magazine but they really taste good.”

Whether you need a small pick me up, or you’re picking up much more than that, you’ll find your favorite flavors here, all posted on the big board up front.

“Last weekend we had about 800 go out on Friday and that was an average Friday, it can get a lot more than that,” said Douglas.

They’ll also make pretty much any kind you want, whatever the occasion.

“Any event. Lately, with the pandemic, it’s been drive-by baby showers, I know, I never thought there was such a thing!” said Douglas, chuckling.

It’s not just desserts. If you want a main course, you can grab one of their homemade casseroles in-store, but they go fast! Two Moms Kitchen is located on Central Avenue. To learn more, please click here.

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