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EAT.PLAY.GO. to Holy Shakes

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 2:15 PM EDT

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Nothing says summertime sensations like a milkshake. And one of downtown Augusta’s newest businesses is already getting quite the hype, no fries needed. 

Holy Shakes is the milkshake joint that's bringing more than just boys to the yard. Talk about a shake that’s bringing all the people to the yard. Holy milkshake, holy shake, call it what you want but holy cow. With a line that quickly wraps around the corner after lunchtime, this place is making a hit Downtown.

Young and old are buzzing about the liquid perfection that will awaken your taste buds. “I do have to get one just plain vanilla one for my grandbaby, but we’re going all out,” Lou Cook said.

You may recognize Theron Stephens from his other spots in town, but at his shake shack – it’s all about chaos in the best kind of way.

“Usually shakes are cute and clean and ours are messy and chaotic,” Stephens said. Whether it's crumbled cookies or the velvety vanilla, you'll know right away that this is a divine dessert.

Try the Oreo Explosion or dare for a Cookie Monster. It’s hard to make the wrong choice here. “It is the shake of shakes. It takes milk-shaking to another level,” Stephens said.

And you don't have to take his word for it. His customers vouch for it too. Stephens said his shake shop sold 400 shakes within just three days of being open.

Why is it called Holy Shakes? I thought you might ask. “Because at this point when you see it, you’re just like holy… shakes,” Stephens said.

The process is as secure as Fort Knox but the result - an open vault of beauty (and sugar.) If you want to try one of those as I like to call them extra treats, the new out-of-the-box shop is located downtown Augusta on Eighth Street.

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