AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A new unique type of bar recently opened shop in downtown Augusta… and they’ve got much more than just alcohol. Vance’s Bakery Bar is a spot that’s also serving up sweets with an exciting twist: boozy desserts and classic cocktails. Treat yourself; because it doesn’t get much better than that. When I say treat yourself, I mean treat “yo” self.

Owners Amy and Troy Adamo’s started their bakery in a food truck. Making their way around town, they got so much positive feedback, they rolled it to the next level with this vibrant and upbeat bakery bar.

“They are tried and true, the ones we have on the menu. They were ones that were crowd favorites and the one that I’m going to share with you is kind of the one that started it all,” Amy said.

This 50s and 60s style bakery bar brings a new exciting concept to downtown. The bakery bar’s motto: The proof is in the sweets. “It’s mid-century modern and the treats you would think of as maybe a 1950s bake sale,” Amy said. 

 “I asked her the age-old high school question. If you could do anything at all, what would it be? She said she wanted to bake. Then she asked me the question and I said well I want a bar and she said okay, we’ll do that. And here we are,” Troy said.

These unique treats are made with all different types of alcohol ranging from tequila to Kahlua so when you take a bite, I guess you could just say cheers! “Alcohol is in there but it is to enhance the flavor like I said before, you’re not going to get drunk of them but it is to enhance the flavor so we make our treats based off of cocktails,” Amy said.

And after, you can refreshingly wash it all down with one of their many glorious craft cocktails. The Adamos' connection to Augusta runs deep – and the question on many minds: who’s Vance?

“Want me to tell it?” Troy asked. “Yep,” Amy said. “Vance was Amy’s father,” Troy said. They lost Vance in 2017 on his eighth birthday but even through his later years, the two say Vance was always the life of the party. “I think he’d be proud,” Amy and Troy said. After you a few of their innovative treats and drinks, you’re sure to see why.

Vance’s opens weekdays at noon and also serves as a coffee house for those looking for a daytime spot to relax or do some work in the lightful historic building.

Vance’s Bakery Bar is located in downtown Augusta at 123 James Brown Boulevard. Just look for the colorful mural of James Brown. For more information about the bakery bar, click here.

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