AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Ready to indulge with a satisfying and rich dessert? Well, this cake spot has all the “levels” of deliciousness you could ever want. You’ve probably heard about Boll Weevil’s for their classic desserts, but did you know about the spot behind the store? That’s where all of those tasty treats come from.

The recipes are tried - tiered - and true. “It makes me feel good to see the finished product, I’m like, I made that,” General Manager Kathryn Hodson said.

Becca Gulino, a baker at Cotton Bug’s refers to herself as the Cotton Bug historian. “Yeah, I mean when we say we make things with love it’s not like a cliché, like every single cake we look at and we evaluate, check this, make sure that’s right,” she said. It’s how Cotton Bug Bakery has delivered the rich, buttery goodness that drives Boll Weevil Café.

 “Every step of it. From the second we put our cream cheese and butter into the mixer to make icing and to the second that we slice into that first slice like okay this looks good from start to finish. Every step is made with very precise love and care in every single cake that we bake,” Gulino said.

While they didn’t know a ton about baking at first, “I actually started with no experience at all. I had never baked before. I had never made icing before. I do not cook. I can make cereal and that’s as far as we’re going,” Hodson said.

Now, they could write a “dessert-ation” about the perfect cake. “And it’s fun. And then when you have customers returning and you see the reviews that are positive and you see the smile on people’s faces when they come pick up a whole cake or they’re getting a slice, you’re just like ‘that came from us’”

“It’s not something that we bought and we resold – we made that and we decorated that from start to finish and it feels so good,” she said.

Whether you’re looking for a small slice, or for a royal feast, “we can make sheet cakes, wedding cakes,” Gulino said, you can’t go wrong in this shop.

Their piece de resistance is their Red Velvet cake. “That red velvet delight. I love to bake it, I love to ice it, I think it’s fun to go from a two-layer cake to you looking at a three-layer cake and, you know, like Becca said, getting that first slice out of it you’re like I made that,” Hodson said.

And to top it off they’re cranking these cakes out in no time flat, “Forty cakes per cake each day give or take,” Hodson said. “We start from scratch every day at seven-thirty in the morning and we are working until four-thirty, five o’clock”

One thing’s for sure, this cake is worth the time - and the calories - it’ll cost you. If you’re looking to try some of the cotton bug bakery’s treats, head on down to Broad Street, right next to the Boll Weevil Café.

For more information about Cotton Bug Bakery, click here.

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