AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Looking for a sweet spot with a twist, where you can experience dessert like you never have before? We found a spot that “Thais” it all together.

You’ve seen it before, you’ve watched it on YouTube, you’ve found it oddly satisfying I'm talking about Thai rolled ice cream - bringing an authentic taste of Thailand right here to Augusta.

Ryan Boswell traveled from Aiken just to get a taste, “I like to try new things so why not?” he said. Bubble tea is also one of his favorites.

The hype is real and the taste – unreal. But the Thai rolled ice-cream – as authentic as it gets.  

Sweet Moments Café owner Jaruwan Charintranoat, also known as Ms. J, said this type of food runs deep in her culture.

Ms. J left Thailand to go to college in America. “Once I got back to my country, I know that I want to come back here and bring my family here,” she said.  About two years ago, she decided to set up shop in Augusta.

“Back then it was the point we wanted to have our own business, we are ready so we want to do something that we know – we know what we are doing.” And you’ll believe it as soon as you try one of her tasty treats – she definitely knows what she’s doing. “We learned it from watching Thai people do it and maybe, I think, It’s our nature,” she said.

“You can find it everywhere, on the street or in a café or at a coffee shop.” The treats so sweet - and her story and technique, quite unique. Inside you can sit back and unwind with one of the many authentic Thai menu options.

And for Ms. J, it means some momentum for her business, with these desserts starting to deliver in a big way.

“I am blessed, I am so lucky,” she said.

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