AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - How'd you like to go to a place where you can relax and indulge in a "weekend-quality" brunch any day of the week? Well, take your taste buds on a ride to The Brunch House.

When the former Whistle Stop building went up for sale, co-owner of Brunch House Theron Stevens said he saw an opportunity. “What ended up happening was as I traveled the world and eat, I just saw that Augusta a little behind on the brunch and I’d seen that the Whistle Stop closed down – It was a perfect opportunity.”

An opportunity to bring a new life and new meaning to the corner diner.

“Augusta’s really big on culture so it’s really big on historic and saving and preserving and saving things. I’m thirty, my business partner’s twenty-six. You don’t really see us this young doing the whole diner feel so there’s going to be like a different upbeat to it,” Stephens said.

Located on the corner of 6th and Green St., there’s a little extra entertainment added to the dining experience. “When that train comes by, everybody stops and they’re just taking their phones out.”

It’s a good vibes, come as you are kind of place. “We’re trying to bring a different lifestyle to downtown Augusta with being kind of one of the only true brunch spots open all week,” Stephens said. “Just relax, just chill. Just like eating at your own house.”

And the answer to the question everybody wants to know: yes, mimosas are on the way.

“We’re going to start rolling out the bottomless mimosas which we have been getting raves for,” Stephens said. “It’s going to change the game.” “We knew we had to fill a void and I was like you know what, we know brunch and we have to bring mimosas”

Brunch House is dedicated to presenting food that excites taste buds. When you stroll inside the doors, the friendly owners and staff strive to make everyone feel comfortable as if they are in fact family. “We’re a one-on-one feel, more so like a relaxing family vibe. Come in, get the mimosas. Just come, chill out after work, have a good time.”

As if that isn’t sweet enough, there’s more to come yet, “We’re going to end up opening all the way up until like midnight and even later on weekends,” Stephens said.

To find more information about this hoppin’ new brunch spot click here.

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