Rudolph S. Brown is a Multimedia Journalist at WFXG - TV Augusta, he joined the news team in September 2019. However, in 2016 RS started his career at WFXG, by hosting his own show Real Talk with RS Brown.

RS is a graduate of the Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School. At age ten, RS won a local radio contest and was invited to visit the radio station. This moment had a huge impact on RS; it was then when he found his voice and fell in love with the world of radio talk shows. RS’s career in radio was quickly taking flight. He began at a local radio station, where he has grown and built a strong career in broadcasting, accompanied by his receiving awards for being a positive young leader.

RS Brown has the passion to change the lives of his community. His passion to support a variety of causes changes the way the community responds to situations and views their opportunities of life. He has been recognized in the community for his support and dedication for excellence.

In his free time, RS enjoys fishing, boating, kayaking, and motivating students to be successful. RS motto is “ If better is possible good is not good enough."

Have a story? Contact RS Brown at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.