AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Looking for a place to grab a great bite, even if it's late? Well, this new spot in downtown Augusta is just a short walk down Broad Street. It’s a place that’s making locals feel like they’re in Philly or even on the boardwalk. Broad Street Bullie’s is sure to help meet that late-night hunger.

“This is just kind of when I knew I wanted to open a restaurant up, I wanted to sit down, make my own menu up and just something different but something good and the first thing I said you know, whatever I’m going to cook, I’m going to cook it off a charcoal grill, I just made the menu from scratch man,” owner Antoine Williamson said.

Good food modeled after some owner Williamson originally discovered on a different Broad Street. “I got a lot of family from Philly so we used to go up there a lot and the main strip of Philly is actually Broad Street as well and when the hockey team was really good they called them the Broad Street Bullies,” he said.

Anybody anytime – come one, come all to downtown Augusta’s newest late-night spot. “Everybody you know people on their break, clubgoers – when they let out that’s our night crowed you know, 2 o’clock, they’re coming straight here.”

With a wide variety of food, it can only fit under one category – delicious.

“We have everything. It always comes out hot and fresh so when you get it, it’s piping hot so like it just came out of the oven. People love it,” Williamson said.

And yep, you guessed it – he got it from his mamma, “cause she was a good cook,” and other family members too. “Uncle Melvin, he was pretty good on the grill so you know just dealing with those two it you know it kind of got me into it like, I can do this.”

Broad Street Bullie's Grill is located on Broad Street in Augusta. You can find more information about this new hot spot here.



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