AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Looking for something fun and new to try in the new year? Well, this one will help you socially distance yourself from others - basically out of necessity.

Dreading a new year fitness regime? Try Augusta Paintball. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, you’ll find a large percentage of them relate to health and fitness – which is probably due to the mountains of food we’re all guilty of consuming throughout the holiday season.

Paintball benefits your health and fitness and may cross trying a new activity off your list. And that is why it’s the perfect choice for that “New You” you’re looking for in 2021.

Owner Darrin Moyer said his business started out as a way to bond with his family.

“I just played with my son and it was like a great thing for us to hand out together with and it just kind of grew from there. Both my boys play so it was just a thing for us to hang out with.”

Now it’s grown into excitement that can be shared with everyone.

“It’s kind of like how you see people get off a rollercoaster ride how they’re acting like 'wooo'.” “It gives you that feeling. Yeah, it’s a lot of fun, it really is,” Moyer said.

You will still need to mask up for this one, but it's actually fun and makes those paintballs a whole lot less painful.

“Here we use like a different paintball gun where the paintballs are smaller so they don’t hear near as bad. They hurt, but not near as much as what you’ve heard about,” Moyer said.

“A little bit of the pain makes it fun. If it didn’t hurt any at all, you really would care. People would just stand there and shoot each other. You really wouldn’t want to hide – so a little bit.”

Don’t be scared to take a hit, if I can do it, you can too. Augusta paintball is located on Barton Chapel Road. They’re open on the weekends and you can find everything you need to know on their Facebook page.

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