AUGUSTA (WFXG) -- A British-based defense company is getting ready to expand its cyber footprint in the CSRA. BAE Systems has signed off on a massive expansion plan at the Georgia Cyber Center.

“So, it’s quite significant,” said Ken Rector, the BAE Systems regional account manager in Augusta. “It gives us the ability to support the customers’ mission and look on the innovative side and provide solutions.”

Right now, BAE has a tiny office space of about 1,800 square feet. But with this move, it will grow about ten-fold, expanding to take over half of a floor.

“It allows us to provide access and capabilities to the customers,” said Rector. “It allows us to have a configurable space and allows us to adapt to the missions, as well as develop that space for future requirements.”

BAE is already making its mark in the CSRA, working as defense contractors with Fort Gordon. Worldwide, it already employs nearly 86,000 people.  But as the expansion plans take shape, a few hundred more jobs could become available.

“This is actually the result of a long deliberate analysis and process, is this a viable market down here in Augusta, Georgia,” said Rector. “We think it absolutely is. I saw this as a place that we could recruit and attract talent—local talent—coming out of Augusta University, Augusta Tech, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, just the whole region.”

The new lease locks in BAE at the Georgia Cyber Center for the next five years. It also includes several options to extend throughout the term.

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