AUGUSTA (WFXG) - FOX 54 is continuing to follow the death of 33-year-old Antaun Benjamin Harris, also known at Felycya. According to authorities, Harris was shot and killed Saturday at Meadowbrook Park. In an exclusive interview, FOX 54 spoke with Harris' mother, who shared her last few moments, leading up to their death.

This is a tough time for Clara Taylor, who told FOX 54 that this is her third child she lost to gun violence. She says she is hoping for closure. "I called him I said, what you doing? He said mom, I'm getting ready to go in this interview. I said alright I'm praying for you, and he said alright I'll call you back. I never got that call back."

Clara Taylor says as a kid her son was joyful, but his sexuality was misunderstood. "He was a man, but he lived a life as a woman, cause that's the feeling that he had within him."

She says she always supported him and when she found out he was unexpectedly killed it was painful. "Richmond County wouldn’t let me see him. They wouldn’t let me identify him. They said he would be identified through fingerprints. So that part is inside of me and it is very hurtful."

She says she found out the heartbreaking news through social media. "It was already horrible to learn through social media and I stayed out their extra. Because I just knew they were going to lt me go back there and identify him."

She tells FOX 54 that she doesn’t know the circumstances that led up to his death, but she is hoping to find justice.  "Whomever did this to my child. you know that you didn’t have to do that to him. You know you didn’t have to do that."

In the end, through her own pain, she is encouraging other mothers that may have lost a child too. "Please keep God before you. If you have to cry, cry. Can't nobody tell you how to grieve."

Clara Taylor says Felycya Harris was full of joy and was always there to lend a helping hand. She says when she found out the heartbreaking news, it was painful and is calling for folks to quote, "put the guns down." She says she always has had a problem with gun violence and does not want to see another parent go through what she is going through. "It's very hurtful. That pain within, it's nothing, you can't take a pain pill for it. You cant take an aspirin, a Tylenol, nothing will heal that up, at all. That’s a forever pain."

Taylor says if you know any information in regards to the suspect of her child’s case to please let the Richmond County Sheriff's office know. She also says there has been a Gofundme page created to properly lay Harris to rest.

FOX 54 did reach out to the Richmond County Coroner, Mark Bowen and he says unfortunately, there are times when the community gets stuff out on social media before his office has time to alert the families. He says when its a criminal case such as this one, once they get the body bag sealed they do not want to tamper or lose any evidence that will create a problem in courts.

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