SALLEY, SC (WFXG) - Did you know there was a giraffe in your backyard? Just 40 miles east of Augusta lives over 200 exotic animals on Eudora farms.

The farm just recently opened its new safari park and it's become a hit for those who live in the CSRA and surround areas. 

Mark Nisbet is the founder of Eudora Farms. It's the first drive-thru safari park in South Carolina. Located in Salley- Nisbet says it's a great midpoint for folks who live in Augusta and Columbia. 

But he says people come from all across the country come to visit the drive-thru safari. 

Nisbet's history with care-taking for animals started during childhood. He started taking care of rabbits and chickens at a young age. As the child of a teacher, the value of education and conservation was instilled in him at birth, he says.  

Now, he's helped build this new park with a certain mindset: Education, preservation, conservation, and the protection of the environment for the entire community.

The safari allows the public to interact and feed exotic animals from around the world. And now, you can do that from the comfort of your own vehicle.

“It’s been kind of a dream and a journey that we’ve been working on for 15 years or longer,” Nisbet says. 

After the pandemic hit, he decided to open the park early because it’s the perfect activity for social distancing. 

“They’re able to get out with their kids and interact and have fun and laugh with their family and kids and it’s been really a win-win for everybody,” he says. 

Pro tip: get there early- that's when the animals are the most active and eager to be played with (and fed.) And as we like to say, it's when the animals are most ready to eat, play and go!

The safari costs $20 per car and it's open every day of the week. To learn more about the safari, visit Eudora Farms' website by clicking here.  

It's an adventure for the entire family! 

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