EVANS, GA. (WFXG) - If you're feeling stressed out, there's no need to get salty about it when you can get salty in it - Literally - you can achieve optimal relaxation inside 11 tons of pink Himalayan salt.

Michelle Grant and Dan Finn own this hot new destination together. They decided to open the spa after they experiencing the health benefits for themselves through their travels across the United States. 

"This helps people with allergies, asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory issues, cystic fibrosis and it's essentially respiratory hygiene. Also, you know, it's such a tranquil setting, it does help people with stress relief," Grant says.

When you step into the cave, it's hard to believe you're still in the CSRA. It feels like you're in a whole new world. While relaxing inside, it's easy to forget the stresses of the world too.

"This is not new, this has been around for a couple hundred years. It was back in the 1800s when a doctor realized that the salt miners had better respiratory health than the rest of the people that lived in the same town. And when he started using a salt mine as a place for rehab, he was able to determine that yes, in fact, these people were getting benefits from just being in a salt mine during their regular rehab," Finn says.

Some would say too much salt is bad for your health, but the sol salt cave and spa is flipping the script on salt— one session at a time. That's where the whole cave vibe comes from. In a typical salt cave session, you're literally in this room by yourself or with your group, absorbing all 84 minerals and then coupled with that is Halotherapy.

It's where they pump in pharmaceutical grade salt while you enjoy the atmosphere of the cave itself.

"We are you know educating the public because there are a lot of people that you know, due to COVID-19 they don't want to leave their house. I think that's what's helping everyone come in and many people see you know a difference within their fist session here," Grant says. 

The theory behind this therapy- the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties found in salt can purify and detox the lungs and sinuses.

"It's actually one of the most sterile places you can be in right now," Grant says. 

If you're into yoga too, this is the place for you. Sol Salt Cave and Spa teamed up with a local yoga studio, Space Yoga. Classes are held inside the cave!  

While learning some yoga moves with Moniqua, I felt like I was breathing in really clean air because of the salt. Plus, the rocks beneath my feet literally grounded me. It's all about getting salty - and getting salty for your health is on the to-do list.

If you want to try the salt cave out for yourself, it's $25 for a 45-minute session. The spa also offers a variety of other spa services, some for kids too! Check them out on Sol Salt Cave and Spa's website, click here.

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