NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. - NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Drive-ins were synonymous with the ‘50s and ‘60s, known for sweet and savory treats, but there’s one in the CSRA that’s stood the test of time. FOX 54’s Mary Klingler takes us to North Augusta for this week’s edition of Eat, Play, Go!

Every city has a restaurant that’s more than just a place to eat. That’s what brings us over to Sno-Cap Drive-in. It’s one of the area’s most iconic places to meet, greet and eat. 

Located on West Avenue, Sno-Cap is one of the most legendary spots in town. Just ask the locals. Most come back again and again.

That’s quite an accomplishment for a no-frills, quick service, order at the counter kind of place. The specialty of the house is burgers, dogs, and fries- all smothered in Sno-Cap’s famous coleslaw and chili. 

A lot has changed over the past 56 years, but Sno-Cap Drive-in hasn’t. 

Havird Usry, the owner of Sno-Cap, pays close attention to detail when it comes to achieving that classic diner feel.

“I know the nostalgia,” he says. “I know the feel of a family-owned business you know, my goal when we took over was to take it back to that. All the renovations we’ve done, the booths, the tabletops, making the carhops work again. My goal was to go back to that original form."

“Two of our coolest recipes that we make in house that we feel are our secret recipes, our coleslaw and our chili,” he says.

Usry wouldn’t share his secrets with FOX 54, but he did share some interesting details about the slaw. It’s the same recipe that’s been winning locals’ hearts -and stomachs- since Sno-Cap first opened in 1964.

Remember, when you get your Sno-Cap burger or dog, you have to try it all the way. That means, chili sauce, coleslaw, and mustard. Locals say it’s best that way.

If you're going to stop by Sno-Cap, you might as well wash everything down with that famous, old fashioned root beer float. It’s what they’re known for and where the name of the restaurant comes from.

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