AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A settlement has been reached over a federal discrimination complaint filed against Farmhaus Burgers in Augusta, CAIR-Georgia released Wednesday, Feb. 5. The restaurant had been under fire after a former employee accused the owner of mistreatment based on her religion.

February 4 marked one year since Lacey Enevoldsen held a press conference with CAIR-Georgia, the Muslim civil rights organization, to announce the lawsuit was being filed. During that press conference, Enevoldsen explained that she had worked for the restaurant for over a year when she started practicing Islam and wearing a hijab. She said that after she started wearing her hijab to work, she was discriminated against by the owner. Now that a settlement has been reached, Enevoldsen said she is hopeful for what the future will bring.

The specifics of the settlement can not be discussed, but Enevoldsen said there were compromises, and she sees a promising future. She said, "Hopefully we can move forward as better people from it, and we won't have to worry about this type of discrimination or bias affecting anyone else in the Augusta area."

Enevoldsen said she now works at a different Augusta-based restaurant, and does not worry about being in the same situation she found herself in. She said, "It took a little while for me to get where I was comfortable and confident in, yes, I can wear my hijab because that is my legal right." Even though her situation surrounded religion, she said this is about civil rights issues, and she hopes it will encourage people to be confident in who they are, too. "You definitely see much better work from your employees when they're comfortable as being themselves, whether that's their religion, race, gender, etc.," she said. 

Enevoldsen said she hopes her story will resonate with the community, and that people will take note and nip workplace discrimination in the bud when they see it taking place. 

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