AUGUSTA, G.A. (WFXG) - Texting and driving can cost you your life, and it's a lesson Richmond County students learned first hand today. Doctors Hospital held a trauma drill for students who are part of Youth Leadership Augusta where medical professionals responded to a simulated deadly crash.

Benjamin Bayliss is a member of Youth Leadership. While his peers observed doctors, he was asked to volunteer as one of the trauma patients who was in the back seat of the mock deadly texting and driving crash.

"One of my friends was driving and then the friend in the passenger seat lost his life. The friend who was driving got seriously injured," said Bayliss. 

Bayliss said the drill opened his eyes to the dangers of distracted driving. "Small decisions can make a big impact in your life. Just how one small thing, such as looking down at your phone, can take away a son from their parents," explained Bayliss. 

This realization is exactly what Kim Foley, who is a Nurse at Doctors Hospital, hoped would happen.

"We do see a lot of accidents from distracted driving, and we try to educate the community on the benefits of not driving and texting," said Foley.

One of the goals for students in Youth Leadership is to take on the responsibility of being school leaders and strive to make the community a better place to live. Bayliss said he already had dreams of working in health care and after the simulation those dreams grew even more.