The Augusta city commissioners will discuss storm water and flooding issues the city faces at Wednesday's city commission meeting.

Last month, heavy rains caused sewage over flow and flooding issues in multiple parts of Augusta.

District 10 commissioner, John Clarke requested the commission talk about it. Clarke says the commission has spent a lot of money working on the storm water issue. He also says some tax payers don’t feel like they’re getting a bang for their buck. He hopes to not only address it but to figure out how the money is being spent. The city’s priorities and a timeline.

Clarke says he hopes to see some action as a result of the conversation, “So the people are seeing nothing is being done and you know when you see that you have to question, that’s my job question, get answers, move forward.”

With the anticipated rain later this week., Clarke says he doesn't think the city will get impacted as bad as it did last month. He says that’s because the city is taking precautionary steps to prevent it from getting that bad.