AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is still investigating a missing persons case of 55-year-old Edward Cruey. Fox 54's Sydni Moore has been keeping in contact with his family to provide you will the latest updates.

It's been seven weeks since Eddie Cruey's family has seen or heard from him, and now that they're back in Virginia from visiting Augusta, the hopes in finding him is crucial. "After 45 days, honestly I feel like it's going to come to a tragic end, because this is just not like Eddie," said Cruey's father, Jerry Cruey.

Cruey's family has been in constant contact with those who know him such as his wife who they say hasn't been cooperative. "She just like shows no emotion and she won't answer direct questions. You know, you would think she would say, 'if you find out anything let me know,'" said Cruey's step-mother, Kelly Cruey.

This concerns them. They also say several of Eddie's belongings has been thrown out of his house and dogs have been moved in for reasons they don't understand. 

"There's a possibility that he's in that house. You can cover up smell with all the dogs, by moving the dogs in the house, but there is no information forth coming from her," said Cruey.

As the search continues, Eddie's family is grateful for those such as "Project Drew" who strives to locate missing people in the community and have gone as far as putting up flyers. "All those folks have just been marvelous to us. They've opened up their homes and opened their arms anyway they can," Cruey said.

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