AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - There’s a lot of elements that make a great golfer and one is good physical fitness. More Than A Game Athlete Development center in Augusta’s owner and trainer, Raymond Webber gave a few tips about what it takes to reach greatness.

“You want to have strong forearms, triceps, biceps, you want to be able to come through and impact the ball, it’s more of the range of motion of your hips than anything,” Webber explained.

It’s not uncommon for athletes to sit out due to an injury. Even the greats like Tiger Woods have gotten back injuries during their careers.

“It’s a lot of small motions, you see a lot of golfers they hold the golf club over their head, bend like this because you want to work that lumbar, so when you go to swing you don’t pull anything,” Webber said.

And of course to get the ball in the hole it’s important to know the proper way to hit the ball. A local PGA professional, Andre Lacey, says a big mistake people make is flicking their wrists. Instead, what you want to do is use your arms and your hips to get the proper swing.

Webber says it’s also helpful to be flexible when golfing, which can be obtained through various practices. “Try yoga, try anything that will help you get physically flexible, just so you can prevent injuries, strengthen your knees, strengthen your quads.”

A few tips for those that are thinking of getting on the green for the first time,"Make sure you hydrate, getting in shape, if you’re walking on the treadmill, because if you’re going to be a true golfer you’re going to have to walk and pull that cart yourself," Webber said.

If you ever experience pain while practicing, Lacey says it’s time to put the clubs away. “If you have pain and you don’t know what’s the cause of it, it’s time to stop, it’s as simple as that.”

The number one rule to being a true golfer, according to Lacey is, “To have fun.”

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