AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - There’s still no contract between Gold Cross and the city. It’s been two years since that contract lapsed over subsidy disagreements. Commissioner Dennis Williams said that even after all this time, negotiations still haven’t amounted to much.

One of the terms both parties agreed on nearly two weeks ago: Augusta would becomes the zone provider.

“Gold Cross could not. They didn’t have the authority or ability to give us the zone,” said District 2 Commissioner Dennis Williams.

District 7 Commissioner Sean Frantom said that’s not an impossible task.

"It has to go through state process but we absolutely can get the zone through a letter that gold cross would write. Then there would be subsequent meetings where they would agree to give us the zone."

If that deal goes through, the city would pay Gold Cross a subsidy - $400,000 prorated for 2019, $600,000 for 2020 and $650,000 for 2021.

Gold Cross would provide eight ambulances, the city would provide three, with all 11 staffed 24 hours a day.

"I think the level of the quality of care would drastically increase if implemented. As well as, most importantly, the citizens bills would be cut in half. From 2100 to 1150. The show up fee will go from $400 to $200.

Commissioner Frantom hopes both sides can come to an agreement by next week.

But Commissioner Williams said Gold Cross’s terms change every time they meet and the issue is above them.

“We really should let the issue lie until we hear from the appeals court.”

In an executive session this afternoon, City Leaders decided that for the time being, the ambulance services subcommittee will stop meeting with Gold Cross. Commissioner Frantom told FOX 54 attorneys would meet with the ambulance company instead.

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