AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta-Richmond County Commissioners meet weekly to oversee local policy, the local government’s budget and more. Some commissioners believe the politics suffer when the rules and procedures aren’t enforced.

Tuesday, the Commission held a workshop to clarify those rules. But will anything change? FOX 54 was there to check out the Commission’s effort to get on the same page.

City leaders say the goal of this workshop is to have more efficient and effective meetings. Some commissioners say it’s hard not to be passionate when you’re working hard for Augusta’s 200,000 residents.

Commissioner John Clark says, “11 people, different personalities, passion.” That energy sometimes comes across as discord. “I’d hate to be a department head and come to these meetings.”

That’s why Commissioners held a nearly 2-hour workshop to clarify their rules of procedures.

“I think yo want to do what you want to do.” Commissioner Marion Williams, who was elected 20 years ago, championed the concept weeks ago during weekly meetings.

Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr. believes this workshop puts everyone one step closer to taking control of city meetings so they can continue working to improve the city.

"Commissioners have several important topics to tackle in the coming weeks so they hope this workshop helps them understand the rules and work better together.

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