Voting power for at least 53,000 of people is in limbo right now until they verify their information.

Georgia’s Exact Match Law requires voter registration information to match driver’s licenses, state ID cards or social security records.

“Our vote is so powerful and people don’t realize,” said Robin Young, a concerned voter.

It's a policy overseen by secretary of state Brian Kemp - who is running against Stacey Abrams in the governor's race.

Richmond County Elections Director Lynn Bailey said It’s an effort to verify citizenship before people are added to the rolls.

“In the incidents where, say, a name doesn’t match as an example. Maybe, the name has a hyphen in it in one database but not in the other. For election officials and voter registrars around the state, that’s a big red flag,” Bailey said.

However, some call it “unnecessary and discriminatory” towards minorities. The Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights filed a lawsuit - representing several civil rights , according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Some people here in the CSRA - like Robin Young - who is passionate about politics agree.

"It's dirty politics. and it's wrong and they should have fixed that system months ago and you can't wait until the last minute to do this. You cannot do that."

She joins nearly 5,000 people who signed a petition, demanding Brian Kemp resign as secretary of state.

Kemp’s camp said he’s “fighting to protect the integrity of our elections”.

Bailey explained, “If they are a voter who is in a pending status, it really is - 99.9 percent of the time - a very easy fix. It could be as simple as going to your polling place and showing one of the six acceptable forms of photo ID in the state of Georgia.”

The ACLU of Georgia issued a statement saying voters with pending registration applications can still vote by showing photo ID.

Georgia’s “exact match” law was passed by the General Assembly last year and implemented in February of 2018. CLICK HERE to learn how to check your registration status.

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