ATLANTA, GA (WFXG) - By an overwhelming majority, members of the bi-partisan Secure Accessible Fair Elections (SAFE) Commission have approved a series of recommendations to update and improve Georgia’s elections systems.

“I applaud the work of the SAFE Commission over the last nine months in working with members of the public to conduct a thorough examination of our state’s election systems,” said Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State. “Our team looks forward to a complete review of the Commission’s recommendations, and I’m confident that the solutions set forth by the Commission will ensure secure, transparent, and accessible elections for voters across Georgia.”

The SAFE Commission, made up of 18 members from the legislature, local elections boards, government agencies, academic intuitions, and the public, met four times to study options for Georgia’s next voting systems.

Recommendations from the Commission include the implementation of an auditable paper trail, state-wide uniform voting systems, sufficient funds for training and education of election officials and voters, approval of voting methods for disabled persons, modernized voting machines, pre-certification audits, and updated voting protocols.

“After a year of discussion, we have finalized bi-partisan recommendations which will provide the General Assembly with comprehensive guidelines that will impact the future of Georgia’s elections system,” said SAFE Commission Co-Chair, Representative Barry Fleming.

The SAFE Commission released its final report Monday, January 14.

The SAFE Commission’s recommendations will be sent to the Georgia General Assembly as a guideline for new legislation regarding new voting methods.

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