AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - One organization that takes pride in supporting collectors of historical bottles is here in Augusta for its upcoming convention. We take you inside an open house where one local bottle collector made sure they started the weekend off right.

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors has made its way to Augusta for the 50th anniversary of the National Antique Bottle Convention.

“It’s early America, and it’s Augusta at its best. You see some of the most amazing things,” says Ferdinand Meyer V, a former president of FHOBC.

And to show off some of that astounding glassware, one local wine bottle collector hosted and open house to kick off the convention.

“I’ve got a collection that I’ve put a lot into and that I think would give people enjoyment and I just want to share it with others.” Mike Newman has been a bottle collector for 40 years. “People collect from all different categories, I started out collecting colored soda bottles, which are pre-dated coca cola, but I also collect other categories, So I’ve been collecting all the time.”

California couple Kathy and Richard Tucker drove all the way from the west coast to enjoy the open house event. They also collect bottles. “These things are so rare, if you think you are going to go into an antique shop and think you are going to find the kinds of thins Mike has in his collection, it isn’t going to happen. These things move from collector to collector because they are so rare.”

The Tuckers specialize in collecting eastern glass whisky flasks and they say they wouldn’t come all the way to Augusta and miss Mike Newman’s fascinating collection.

The actual convention will take place this Saturday, but the festivities will be going all weekend. If you want to check out more about the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors, check out their website.

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