COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The first day of school is next week, but Columbia County school bus drivers have been practicing their safety procedures all Summer.

Ron Carmichael has been driving school buses for seven years and considers student safety his top priority, “I look in that mirror sometimes and it’s humbling when you see those children back there. They have total trust in you.”

He drives one of 227 buses on route in Columbia County every school day — each bus with a 100% safety inspection score.

School bus drivers met today to practice their routes and safety procedures but need your help to extend that safety on the roads. Columbia County Schools director of transportation, Allen Connor says, “Please slow down when you see a bus with the yellow caution lights on. That means the bus is preparing to make a stop to let out a student. When you see the red lights come on and that stop sign go out, please stop. Don’t pass the bus.”

With the new school year approaching, make sure to take extra caution around school buses. Their cargo is precious.

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