AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Meet Furwah Turabi, a scholar, athlete and graduating Senior at only 16 years old. Originally from Pakistan, she credits her academic success to early schooling years in her homeland.

Furwah, better known to family and schoolmates as “Fur”, holds a 4.2 GPA making her one of Westside High School’s top students. Her Mom, Annette Turabi, says that Fur has always been a focused child and credits a balance between academics and extra curricular activity as a formula for success.

Westside Principal William Smith says Fur is an ideal student siting school spirit, leadership skills and a great personality that continues to make her a standout. As a student leader, Fur never hesitates to give her fellow students advice on how to navigate through the challenges of keeping up with studying while participating in sports, school events and interest groups.

Although she is undecided, Fur looks forward to being a freshman in college next fall. John Hopkins, Duke and the University of Georgia are some of her top choices. Wherever she chooses to go it’s a safe bet Furwah Turabi will achieve great success not only in her quest to become a Doctor but a success in life.

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