THOMSON, GA (WFXG) - This morning a student at Thomson - McDuffie Middle School was found with a weapon while on campus.

Principal Anita Cummings, called parents in a recorded message notifying parents that the staff of Thomson - McDuffie Middle School received a tip alleging that a student was on campus with a weapon. The school, in cooperation with the McDuffie County Schools Department of Public Safety, launched an immediate investigation. School administrators and the school resource officers questioned the alleged student. The weapon was confiscated from the student and secured by school officials and was never used in a threatening manner. All students and staff are safe.

Principal Cummings is advising all parents and students to be mindful that, “if you see something, say something. If you hear something, say something.”

A parent and community activist, Tabias Grissom, says, “Just because it’s over today, doesn’t mean we need to get relaxed, we need to find ways from it happening again.”

Someone gave a school administrator helpful information that lead to the weapon being confiscated from a student.

“That situation could’ve turned out a whole other way but by them reporting it and encouraging the kids to speak up about stuff they see but at the same time we still have to learn to be more proactive than reactive,” Grissom said.

The superintendent of McDuffie County School District, Dr. Mychele Rhodes, says that’s exactly what they plan to do.

“We’ll continue to work with our students to educate them on the dangers of the possession of a weapon, we work closely with our local law enforcement to ensure that our community is well educated in regards to guns,” Rhodes said.

Thomson-Mcduffie Middle School has their own public safety department that has helped to keep children safe at times like these. They have a school resource officer at all of the schools and each school is equipped daily with a trained officer.

The superintendent encourages those that supervise students to be aware of what they are doing in their free time. “Be sure that they one, know where their students are when they’re not in school during the day, what their activities might be in the afternoons the evenings, I also would encourage parents to be aware of items within their home,” Rhodes explained.

McDuffie County School District released a statement stating, “As with all matters of student safety, we have taken this very seriously and have acted accordingly, utilizing both the code of conduct and the appropriate laws. The school administrative team, in collaboration with the district office and the McDuffie County Schools Department of Public Safety, is working to maintain the safety and the normal operations throughout the remainder of the school day.”

The school district also states, “as always, the safety and security of the students, faculty and staff members remain our top priority, and we will take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.”

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