CSRA (WFXG) - The transition to college is a huge adjustment for students and their families. FOX 54 is is taking a closer look at 2 students who will have a little extra on their plate this Fall.

Some high school athletes hang up their jerseys or turn in their uniforms. But 2 standouts in our community are taking it to the next level.

Joel Faigler is a Cross Creek High School graduate. “A relief, it was a lot of hard years training for this.“

Destiny Turman is now an alumnus of Greenbrier High School. “All these 5 years I’ve been doing track and all of my hard work has finally paid off.”

Both graduates placed their pen on an important sheet of paper Friday afternoon, solidifying the next step of their life. Both signatures now make them college athletes.

Jason Faglier says he’s proud of his little brother Joel. “Very proud of him. Can’t wait to see him make his next step.“

As someone whose placed 3 times at state competitions and whom a banner hanging in his honor in Cross Creek’s gym, Joel looks forward to bringing his talents in wrestling to Emmanuel College. “I’m training to be the best in the world; that’s the goal. I always train. You aim small, you miss small, you know. And I’m training to be the very best in the world.“

And Turman’s story is not much different. Her coach, Chris Cutler speaks highly of her. “Destiny is such a fantastic kid; she’s gonna kill it no matter what.“

As a 3-time track and field record-breaker, Destiny decided on Kennessaw State University. “I want that push. I want that challenge. So the only thing I have to do more for, it is train physically and mentally and from there, just take off.“

But Destiny won’t be alone, her high school teammate, Kyarra Newton, will be joining alongside her. “So when I signed and she told me she was going to sign, I was just so happy because Destiny is like my sister.“

Prepared for the challenges college may bring, both Joel and Destiny look ahead in excitement for what’s to come.

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